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Team Building

'The team that works together wins together!’

The Treasure Hunt is an ideal concept for a team building program. A key element to success in our events is teamwork enabling individuals to work closely together and utilise many different skills. Time management, delegation, cooperation, skill sourcing, and communication and strategic planning are just some of the keys to a good performance in our Treasure Hunts, which mirror many of the fundamental qualities required in corporate achievement. The flexibility of our events will allow any number of specific team building requirements to be highlighted which can be tailored into the event. Taking your team offsite away from a strict office, conference or training environment enables great results to be achieved in a fun-packed but focused situation.

There are many different options available according to your specific requirement and budget. All our events ensure that all the individuals within a team are fully involved as there are a variety of skills required but fundamental to success is the ability to work together at all times. The benefits are evident as the event unfolds, you will see significant progress in effectiveness, efficiency and confidence. We receive a great deal of feedback from clients who have noted great leaps in the results from their groups seeing more excellence and outstanding results.

Our experienced team will liaise with you at all stages in the creation of your event to ensure that your group has a great time discovering a new level of understanding which they can then carry forward for the benefit of your company.

A sample of our recent events: Team Building

Treasure hunts:

London Taxi examples
London Walking examples
Rickshaw treasure hunt
Unauthorised Da Vinci Code
Camden Town and London Zoo
St Paul’s and the Southbank
The Thames and Hampton Court
Historical Clarekenwell
London the Old Fashioned Way
There’s no Business Like Show Business

South East
Berkshire Treasure Hunt
The Althorpe Orbital
It’s Only Rock and Roll but I like it
Brighton Rock Treasure Hunt
University Challenge
Spires of Oxford
Royal Windsor & The Thames

South West
Luxury Treasure Hunt in Bath

The Midlands
Birmingham Treasure Hunt
Nottingham Interlaced
Safety First in Shakespere Country

Paris Taxi Treasure Hunt
Paris Walking Treasure Hunt

Other events:

Conference Management Services
Making a Corporate Video Challenge
Corporate Yachting day
Country Pursuits
Five Star Action Events
It’s a Knockout
Sports Day
Spy Catcher Game

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